cecilia nydahlCecilia Nydahl has been an enthusiastic photographer since she was seven, when she got her hands on a Kodak Instamatic. She likes to photograph almost anything, but prefers to explore opportunities offered by the natural world. She is often found on her hands and knees trying to capture the wonders of flowers, interesting looking moss or an occasional mushroom.

Later she decided to broaden her horizons by studying graphic design. On completion of the course she was employed by FÁS (the Irish employment authority) where she is currently working as a part of eCollege, and is responsible for graphics, layout & photography.


rory hallRory Hall has worked with computers since he first laid his hands on a Commodore VIC 20 circa 1981. He’s qualified as CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA A+.

These days he uses his experience to troubleshoot PCs, both locally and abroad by remote access.When he has the opportunity he also works with Adobe Photoshop, repairing damaged photographs.